Know what’s happening.

How many people visit your website?

Where do they come from?

Where would you like to get more traffic from?

Observing your website analytics will give you the answers.

Google Analytics, the industry standard in web analytics platforms, is easy to implement and free to use.

When it comes to tracking website usage behaviour, Google Analytics is an important tool that can provide valuable data for making business decisions.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Assessing marketing campaigns (conducted both online and offline).
  • Assessing the effectiveness of new web design changes.
  • Tracking conversion rate – either sales generated, or enquiries made.
  • Understanding which web pages are most or least popular on your website.

Regardless of your business or industry, or what website goals you may have, there are certain analytics that are important.

What’s more, Website Analytics on-going and continual tracking is included free of charge in all of our Search Engine Optimisation campaigns.

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